​Encourager's Youth Leadership Academy is a dynamic enrichment program that equips and empowers the next generation. EYLA consists of a plethora of workshops designed to develop tomorrow's leaders socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, academically, and professionally. 

EYLA is delivered through a diverse team of trainers, mentors, and volunteers who are dedicated to imparting knowledge and wisdom into the youth. The goal of the EYLA curriculum is to provide students with the support and experience that will allow them to reach their full potential. 

There are four main concepts that EYLA uses in combination to deliver a unique program to help the youth reach their full potential. They consist of money matters, life after high school, health and wellness, and spiritual development.

Vocal Ensemble

Encourager's Youth Leadership Academy

This ministry consist of a group of young men and women who have devoted themselves to kingdom work. The ministry is committed to excellence as their gifts brings spiritual awakening and empowerment to churches, youth, families, and individuals through music. arts, evangelism, and mentoring. The style of music is contemporary gospel with an urban/jazz/down home gospel flare. The ministry has recorded one cd entitled "He'll Be Right There" and is currently working on another one.  The ministry provides praise and worship service twice a month at a Nursing Home, vocal sets for charitable events, mini skits for encouragement and community engagement.

Marriage Ministry

Homeless Ministry

This ministry equips, empowers, and awakens a consciousness for healthy​ kingdom marriage for couples of all ages. Through bible study, prayer, retreats, date nights, and accountability.

This ministry helps to restore hope through intentional acts of love and Christ centered service.  The pulse of this ministry is to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, bring shelter to the homeless, health to the sick, and joy to the low in spirit through consistent support, compassion, prayers, and encouragement.

Nursing Home Ministry

              Department of A.C.T.  International

This ministry meets twice a month at Renaissance Nursing Home in West Palm Beach, FL.. The ministry provides Praise and Worship service for the residents and weekly chaplain services for spiritual care, communion, and prayer to residents and those admitted into the hospital.  Refreshments and donations of socks, slippers, blankets,

t-shirts, etc. are also provided to the residents through out the year.

   GSE Ministries Inc.